Why Klixx Coin

Klixx Coins makes sure more money ends up in your non-profit.

Klixx uses blockchain technology to transfer money from your donors directly to your account. There is no middleman and no extra steps to take a cut of the cash. We are believers in the non-profit world and want to make sure that more money ends up in your organization’s account to do the greater good and fulfill your vision. Klixx Coin is made up of some of the best non-profit minds with experience in finance and running an organization that depends on grants and donations.


Klixx Coin makes sure more money ends up in your non-profit

Our Team

The next generation of online charitable giving

Anastasia Walsh

Anastasia Walsh

CEO Klixx Coin

Former CEO of multiple medical non-porfits, Anastasia brings the drive and vision to see blockchain technology reduce wasteful donor fees.
Rex Wilson

Rex Wilson

Tech Development

Rex head’s our development team and is the driving force behind our roadmap milestone successes. Rex has been developing and deploying blockchain solution for fortune 1000 companies for the past 4 years.
William Gatch

William Gatch

Non-Profit Liason

Bill Gatch has spent his entire professional career in the financial side of non-profit organizations. He knows what these organizations needs and is the bridge between Klixx and our non-profit partners.
Wo Hun

Wo Hun

Kyber Network Partner

Wo is an expert in the Kyber Network. He is tasked with tapping Kyber’s liquidity network to power Klixx’s liquidity needs, ranging from inter-token payments to portfolio rebalancing.

Klixx Wallet and App

The next generation of online charitable giving

Download the latest Klixx Wallet today.
Built on the Ethereum token network, Klixx wallet will store all of your tokens which are used during every donation transaction.

Use the app to donate to your favorite:

  • Medical Charity
  • Religious Organization
  • Arts and Culture Center
  • Children’s Support Organization
  • Many, Many More

When Giving to a Charity Online

The next generation of online charitable giving
Use Klixx wherever you use a bank card

Know your charity. Online or offline never give to a charity that you know nothing about.

Obtain contact information. Make sure that you have the option to contact the charity online (through a working email address) and offline (through a phone number and a mailing address)

Give safely. Before sharing any credit card information online, make sure the site uses encryption technology to protect you.

Give directly. Why hand over a chunk of your contribution to a third party web site when you can give directly through a charity’s own site?

Give with Klixx Coin. Our mobile web interface makes it easy to give to your favorite charity. All with less fees which means more of your money goes into the charity.